Melissa Cram A.P, D.O.M, C.T.I.T


Melissa Cram is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician, DOM, and certified Thermal Imaging Technician. Your Body's Choice Thermal Imaging is a member of the American Academy of Thermology. Our technicians are certified by the American Academy of Thermology. 

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About Your Body's Choice Thermal Imaging


Your Body's Choice Thermal Imaging has chosen to partner with Infrared Medical Solutions (IMS), the premier provider of Infrared Mammography screening solutions in North America. IMS uses FDA approved, medical grade cameras manufactured by FLIR, the most respected company in the industry with the highest sensitivity. The IMS imaging software is HIPAA compliant, high definition, with 76,800 individual temperature measurements. 

All digital infrared images are interpreted and reported by Dr. Philip Hoekstra III. Dr. Hoekstra is a medical physiologist specializing in the early detection of breast cancer by diagnostic infrared imaging. He is the President of the American Academy of Thermology, Regent of the American College of Oncologic Thermology and a Director of the American Board of Thermology. Dr. Hoekstra is the Chief Science Officer and Laboratory Director of Therma-Scan ( Dr. Hoekstra has the experience of more than 750,000 patient studies over the past thirty-nine years, is world-renown for his accomplishments in diagnostic infrared imaging for breast cancer and as the developer of a comprehensive analytic system for diagnostic breast thermology.